Consumers still appreciate the ‘touch and feel’ experience of physical spaces – however, their role needs to be redefined. Now is a key time to capture attention from new customers. Communicating reasons to trust and ensuring a “first-time-right” encounter is more important than ever.


Shopping Centres should provide more indoor-outdoor areas where customers can enjoy fresh air, active recreation, green space, outdoor seating, pet-friendly areas and events, representing an intersection of physical and online shopping. These spaces will become the new lures to enhance customer engagement and confidence in safety.


Historically there has been a drive towards greater density in our retail and leisure developments – however we now need less intensive planning strategies that balance both commerce and critical health. With each project typology, we are investigating new technologies, circulation patterns, people densities and pinch points, to help reduce risk.


Businesses are strategically adjusting their operating space as they do not require as large a service area. Retailers, especially F&B, fashion, cosmetics and personal care, are shifting their focus heavily towards e-commerce.  The fastest adapters will downsize their store & seating areas to have bigger fulfilment centres and delivery/pick-up areas.

‘Retail reimagined: The new era for customer experience’, Periscopes for McKinsey, August 2020