The pandemic has changed consumer behaviours, some permanently; a consolidation of shopping trips and customers trying new omnichannel models, just to name a few. Many of these new engagement models are here to stay, however customers still want to visit physical stores to experience the environment and product offering.


Retailers that are nimble and innovative in their omnichannel approach will fare better and strengthen ties to customers. The pandemic has created a ‘convenience culture’, with online shopping, home-fitness, food delivery and home-cinema. Designers must strive to create a positive, social experience to bring these consumers out again.

Brand Engagement

Retailers now don’t need a physical space to sell things – they need them to offer experiences. Shopping Centres will be about place activation –  where customers can connect and strengthen relationships with the each other, products and brands.

Biophilic design

Concepts such as air, light, greenery, comfort and mental wellbeing need to be addressed in post-COVID-19 environments.  Spaces that anticipate a user’s needs and taps into their emotions, whilst engaging the senses, will fare best.

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