9 November 2018

In almost all of our work, Concept i’s designers explore the newest trends in retail, dining and entertainment, creating stories, journeys and customer paths all in the pursuit of “Experience”.

Experience design refers to the experience of anyone through physical, digital, web, media, or in infinitely other sensory ways. A great design experience must be self-explanatory and emphasize some kind of journey, step by step. We must remove layers of prerequisite understanding, and let meaningful experiences emerge and develop in the most enjoyable and memorable ways. We select and design creative applications to grab and awaken our public.

Experience design, perhaps more than any other form of design, is transformative and collaborative. We are not architects, interior designers, digital geeks, branding gurus or illustrators. We are all and more. XD requires a cross-disciplinary perspective that fuses and morphs broad spectrums of brand, business, and environment.

XD designers embrace words such as “audience, people, visitors, guests and participants” to remind us of our primary responsibility: to create memorable experiences for people.

As Experience Designers, we thrive on expression, interaction and animation and use any sense, channel, medium, or trick in the book to trigger positive reactions. We are inspired by human engagement, touch points between people, brands, ideas, and emotions. Our mission is to persuade, stimulate, inform, envision, and entertain, all in the interest of influencing human understanding.

XD – here we are!