Why Shopping Mall Developers are putting their money into Show Suites

By Alec Wong, Managing Director (China)

In the evolving landscape of retail, developers are strategically focusing on ‘Show Suites’ to elevate brand visibility. This intentional emphasis aims to communicate core principles and cater to the heightened expectations of sophisticated consumers and tenants.


“The design of a Show Suite will revolve around a distinct theme, striving to express individuality and unique charm.”


In retail real estate projects, creating a lasting impression is crucial. A well-executed Show Suite design goes beyond aesthetics, becoming a powerful advocate for a fresh lifestyle, accentuating the inherent design strengths of the project. It serves as a canvas for potential tenants to visualize their aspirations, whilst sparking the shopping desires of prospective customers.

Show Suite design involves a blend of creative elements and commercial considerations, serving as a distinctive product reflecting commercial value characteristics. It expresses the brand identity of the mall developer, encompassing pertinence, display, distinctiveness, creativity, and avant-garde elements tailored to different target markets.


“As China’s retail developments are some of the most competitive in the world, the positioning of the project is a key factor of success.”


In China’s competitive retail real estate market, project positioning is a key factor for success. The right project at the right location uses a specific design language to entice the potential audience. This design language conveys information about the space while emphasizing its sensory effect through striking modeling techniques, creating astonishing atmospheres with light, shadow, color, and furnishings.

Show Suite design often leads in innovative trends, reflecting new elements, concepts, materials, techniques, and furnishings. Incorporating environmentally friendly, energy-saving materials aligns with the preferences of both tenants and consumers.


“Using environmentally friendly & energy-saving materials and furnishings – are one of today’s main preferences of both tenant and consumer.”


In summary, Show Suites play a pivotal role in retail real estate marketing in China, serving as essential marketing tools and dynamic design hotspots. Developers and designers must navigate the intricate interplay between real estate marketing and Show Suites, delivering superior services to both leasers and consumers for heightened engagement in the evolving retail real estate landscape.