Concept i is shortlisted for two SBID International Design Awards 2021

The SBID International Design Awards finalists for 2021 have been revealed, boasting an impressive shortlist of award-worthy entries across Interior Design, Product Design and Fit-Out. Concept i is pleased to announce that it is among the impressive global design talent to have become a finalist in this year’s SBID International Design Awards for its entries, Hong Kong Jockey Club – Happy Valley Clubhouse Extension in the Restuarnt Design category and Mun x2 in the Retail Design category.


Hong Kong Jockey Club – Happy Valley Clubhouse Extension (

In 2015 Hong Kong Jockey Club commenced construction on a new extension to its Happy Valley Clubhouse referred to as “The Hilltop in the Valley”. As part of an international collection of designers assigned to the project (one for each level) Concept i was appointed as the Interior Designers for level 7 of the complex. Level 7 was conceived as a luxury “4 Generation” family dining and entertainment destination. The project requested two-family restaurants offering Provincial Chinese Cuisine and Authentic American Cuisine and a state of the art Children’s Play Zone in a 2,650 sq.m space. The Children’s Play Zone was required to be fun and exciting and offer meaningful Play and Learn activities for an age range of 4 to 12-year-olds.


Mun x2 (

Seacon Square, Bangkok’s 500,000 sq m mega-mall, unleashed 27,000 sq m of new, experiential retailing. It’s young, it’s fun, it’s totally Mun! Named after the Thai slang for something somewhat crazy, “Mun Mun” features cutting edge, individualistic retailing immersed in eye-popping arts and street culture. Concept i was commissioned to conceive the new project and worked closely with Seacon to completely re-invent the space, design, food, retail and attraction program.

Considered one of the most prestigious accolades in the interior design industry, success in the GOLD-standard Awards programme demonstrates the highest level of design excellence across the commercial and residential sectors. From the design scheme, materials used and products specified through to the final fit-out installation, the SBID Awards champion design standards across the supply chain in the design, procurement and execution of outstanding interiors.

Each finalist has been evaluated by industry-leading experts for functionality, technical merit, creative delivery, and ability to inspire; highlighting the value that expert interior design and specialist craftmanship can bring to businesses, homes, and society as a whole.