An Exhibition of Wood Sculpture and Photography

Nov. 11th – Dec. 5th, 2022, at MUNx2 Seacon Square, Bangkok


Bangkok’s Sesatian School For The Deaf joined us on Nov. 12 for the opening debut of Horizons – Where Earth Meets Sky. The Exhibition by our CEO Geoff Morrison, aims to raise awareness for the school and its innovative programs, and new projects for the children. Founded in 1953, Setsatian School is under the Royal Patronage and is Thailand’s first school of its kind. Concept i is assisting with the design of new teaching facilities including a Cool Co-Lab (for collaboration) and an Innovation Lab for programs in coding, robotics and other digital technologies.

HORIZONS WHERE EARTH MEETS SKY is an exploratory collection of photographs and wood sculptures evoking otherworldly forms and emotions. Two mediums embrace two horizons;

Photography celebrates distant horizons where the earth’s surface and sky appear to meet, and Wood Sculpting reveals “inner” horizons, where the concealed surfaces and spirit of tree roots are re-imagined from the depths of the earth, into lighter, dynamic forms.


“In these early hours, people and landscapes are raw and authentic.”

The photographs explore early morning landscapes, revealing precious moments of calmness and solitude. Dawn walks with a camera began as a ritual but grew into an artistic practice. The act of walking cultivates a personal dialogue with rural and urban environments and their inhabitants. Here the aim is to capture the poetic qualities and simplicity of everyday life. Whether it’s Old Cairo, Toronto, Cox’s Bazaar, or Bangkok, in these early hours, people and landscapes are raw and authentic. By 8 am, these tranquil scenes melt away as the world returns to its daily disrupted chaos.

Wood Sculpture

“In a controlled metamorphosis, each piece takes on an idiosyncratic spirit and form”

Working with wood is a continuation of this exploration. Roots and logs are transformed into both functional vessels and abstract sculptures. In a controlled metamorphosis, each piece takes on an idiosyncratic spirit and form, where layers of distinctive grains and spalted patterns animate. The sculpting is highly technical, physical, and intuitive. Only dead wood is used each piece is pondered for months while they dry. Common trees like Mango, Jack Fruit, Maca, Mai Daeng and Ratchapruek are the source. In their wood and roots, one can appreciate the intricate symbiosis between earth, air, water, and sun, and the living beings they have nourished and sheltered for decades and sometimes centuries.

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