World class eco-experiences

World class eco-experiences

Sanya National Eco Park, China

Sanya is China’s southern most tourism paradise, blessed with an abundance of natural beaches, mountains and forests. Sensitive land areas are protected under government policy. Concept i are engaged to master plan and improve a valley of disused quarry land for eco-tourism.

The strategic plan earmarks 360,000 m2 of an 18 million m2 Forest Conservation area for sensitive eco-tourism development. The masterplan follows a “5 Pillar” strategy:

1) Living in Harmony with Nature
2) Commitment to Health, Body, Mind and Soul
3) Celebrate Bio Diversity
4) Ensure Sensitive Development Zoning
5) Provide World Class Eco-Experiences.

Quarry 1 comprises a world class Adventure Zone, with rope courses, zip lines, bungy dives, climbing nets, cliff lifts, 500 m suspension bridge, and quarry scuba diving. Quarry 2 hosts a 10,000 seat sound/light/live show venue. The entire valley includes world gardens, mountain peak cable cars and restaurant, agro-activities, hill sports and more.

PROJECT TYPE Leisure/Theme Parks
PROJECT AREA 360,000m2
CATEGORY Leisure/Theme Parks