By Charatporn Assavasoth, Landscape Team Leader

Concept i unveils our recently designed Sales Gallery Entrance Court of a Luxury Hotel in the Middle East. It is a unique rethinking of the first impression of a space and how guests are welcomed – where opulence meets an innovative, tech-driven environment.

The design is a great example of a high-tech, multimedia-filled, transformative gallery. As guests step into the Entrance Court, they are immediately taken on a journey. It is a multi-sensory experience – from the mesmerizing digital art installations to the smart lighting that adjusts to your mood, every detail is curated for immersion into the space.

Sensory Art & Entertainment

This area creatively caters to two distinct content presentation areas. The front wall, inspired by the serene and fluid motions of waves and leaves, is crafted to offer a soothing welcome to visitors, evoking a natural sense of tranquility. On the other hand, the interior water feature wall takes center stage, designed to entice customers with various marketing materials and special show events.

Moreover, a petite musical stage has been carefully incorporated into the setting. Working in harmony with audio-visual specialists, we ensured a seamless fusion of the two, and a perfect ambiance at any time of day.

These kinds of well-thought-out design features leave a lasting impression on potential buyers.

Both the front glass block wall and the water feature wall have been precisely crafted to serve not only as a picturesque backdrop for entertainment, but also as a means of fashioning intimate and enclosed environments for visiting guests. The soothing sounds of water contribute to a calming ambience, providing respite from the clamor of the bustling traffic beyond the boundaries.

In terms of planting design, distinctive specimen trees and trellises have been thoughtfully incorporated to filter airborne particles and dust, while the canopy delivers refreshing shade and shadow, mitigating the harshness of direct sunlight. This natural synergy, coupled with water elements, elevates the environment.

The lighting design plays a focal role in creating an inviting atmosphere. Soft, gentle lighting is strategically employed to accentuate the entertainment area while also facilitating projection in opposite directions. When no content is being showcased, the space transforms into a warm and inviting garden, perfect for gathering, dining, and relaxation.

In the ever-evolving hospitality landscape, spaces like the one we’ve created set new standards for guest experiences, leaving a lasting impression on potential buyers and hotel guests.

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