In view of the changing environment related to the spread of COVID-19, Concept i is following a Business Continuity Strategy to minimize health risks to our staff and ensure we provide optimum service to our clients.

Our Bangkok Studio will work from home from Mar 23 – 31, or as otherwise directed.  We have organized all employees with suitable computer hardware, software and access to files allowing all project activities to be carried out remotely. We operate Communication Groups and “Cloud” Databases for exchange of information and team coordination. E-Mails, Skype, Conference calls and messaging will be managed by our Administration team and redirected to our teams accordingly.

During this period, our Shanghai Studio will continue its operation as normal. We will respond to all client requests in a timely manner, however we may require additional time on Submission dates and will inform our clients and project team partners in advance. We seek your kind understanding and thank you for your patience and support.

It is evident that personal mobility, quarantine requirements and social distancing measures will increase over the next weeks. Our current company policies/protective measures include:

  • Suspension of all non-essential travel. Conference calling will be utilized for team and client meetings.
  • Suspension of visitor meetings in our Bangkok studio.
  • Suspension of attendance at, hosting of, large business related meetings and gatherings.
  • Advising staff to follow local government guidelines in relation to self-isolation requirements.
  • Introducing additional office cleaning regimes, regular hand sanitizing, avoiding close meetings/discussions.

Concept i will continue to do our best during this special period. We will continue to support our people and will take whatever action is necessary to maintain continuity of service to our clients and contacts over this difficult period.