A different kind of place

A different kind of place

Breeze Leisure Plaza, Antalya

Breeze, Antalya is a collection of mesmerizing spaces, all inspired by the beautiful city. Visitors will meander the charm of the Harbourside Village, spectacular Cliffscapes, Magic Reefs, terraced Amphitheaters and last, but not least “Funtalya”, a paradise of active play for children. The entire space
forms a remarkable Valley of Fun and Relaxation.

On first impression, visitors pour and flow into a seamless plaza where fashion, fun and food collide. Breeze is not architecture, interiors or landscape… Breeze is a wholistic, multi-dimensional, sensory environment designed for people. While your feet touch sand, or wander sloping cobbled
streets, eyes drift high above in the air, on terraces and suspended canyon bridges. Cascades, planters, super trees and canopies awaken with celebrations of sound, light and media. Stages and live shows appear. Surfers and Seagulls glide. Things move, scenes change, life happens. “Breeze” is a Theater of Life.

“Breeze” is not a Mall. It is a place where everything is creatively different, and conceived for surprise.

PROJECT TYPE Retail/Mix use
COMPLETION DATE Concept design only
CATEGORY Architecture, Retail/Commercial