Fusion For Foodies!

21 September 2018

Blurring the Boundaries between Food, Retail and Entertainment

From Cairo to Hong Kong, food is definitely the new fashion. We now find a consistent theme in our work is to morph new blends of experiences always involving food. This reflects the relentless public “hunger” for authenticity, taste and experience reaching far beyond the plate.

Our projects such as Street Gourmet, Breeze, and Galaxia convey a new Fooder-tainment thinking. Planning and design is acutely tuned to people’s stomachs, noses, eyes, ears and smart phones! Great “Foodie” destinations continually morph according to hour, day, month and season, just like Hawker stalls on the street, counters in the fresh markets and fish in the sea. As designers we are fusing much more than just food…